Thursday, June 03, 2004

The New Conquistadores

Not having my own telephone connection at home…STILL..and not having a television set has really restricted my awareness of the world. I used to read the news online daily. Now I might connect every second or third day and I don’t have the news daily. Oddly enough the world seems to continue to evolve even as I am unaware of it. That’s reassuring, I suppose, but it would be even more reassuring if the world could find a better path here and there while I am unaware. The American insistence that it can “fix” places like Iraq and Afghanistan is mind-bogglingly naïve. Having nice boys from Ohio and Louisiana maintain order in places like these is rather like taking your Japanese made vacuum cleaner (complete with instructions in Japanese) to a Mack Truck repair station for an overhaul. The truck station probably has lots of great tools, but the staff haven’t the slightest idea how the vacuum cleaner works, nor can they read the manual. So all these nice boys from Ohio and Louisana and New York and Idaho are walking around a country where they can’t read a sign, write a note, pass the time of day with a local, ask directions, buy groceries, basically function in any normally human way, but they do carry some rather astounding weaponry and have the power of life and death. Bizarre concept. Conquest is such an awkward thing.


dwshaw said...

Simply ran into your blog while surfing the internet today. I usually read things about Egypt when I run across such articles, being that I lived for a short time of thirty days back in the early nineties near Cairo.

I have enjoyed your stories, keep up the blog, it is interesting reading about the life of another in Egypt...

I read where you have moved from Cairo, but now I have forgotten where? But I bleieve it to be close enough to Cairo to be able to view the Pyramids.

Oh by the way, I am an American and have been against the war from the beginning. I knew it would never work out very good, and that it was all about oil, not wmd... However I do know people around where I live who are so naive to believe the non-sense they are told by the main stream news media and this current administration.

Sad but true, the deception which lurks in this country. I was in the first gulf war and I can tell you I would never do it again. War is hell, peace is by far a greater concept to achieve.

Your illustartion, Japanese vacuum cleaner, is dead on for sure...

Take care, and sorry for the loss of your husband.

athenaservant said...

As a soldier here in Iraq this blog strikes a nerve. Not a nerve of disagreement but one of sadly of agreement. I am an educated man and like to think that I have a greater understanding of the history of this place than most of my colleagues and even I have not concept for how to "fix" a country that has been fought over for 6 thousand years. Its unfortunate that my country men and my superiors arrogantly think that we can. I ardently agree with another commentator that I gladly welcome peace...
On another note I have found in my brief travels to Egypt that many Americans make the mistake of confusing Egyptians with Arabs and that simply is not the case (I have found). Egyptians are a ethnically distinct people with as we all know a rich and dynamic history of their own very much seperate from the Arabian pennisula.

Its a great blog...I look forward to future postings