Friday, August 13, 2004

Google Search: Blandot

Google Search: Blandot Who is Blandot anyway and why is the name connected with blogs?

Not essentially Egyptian but it's a reasonable question. As I was talking on the phone to a friend this evening, she mentioned looking up the name, which she had been told was the name of an actor, on Google but finding only a series of references to blogs that all seemed to have the same text but just different words inserted. The name Blandot was one of the few constants. Having come down to Sharm where I actually have a connection with a decent speed, I decided to look it up myself. The first reference on Google is to an H.P. Lovecraft story (never liked the writer much personally) and then just the situation described to me. Each site has a comment or two with a different variation on the theme but the inserted words refer to financial advice, dating and sexual activities, prescription painkillers, and online gambling. My friend asked if blogs had to do with coding messages or something, but I had to admit that mine certainly don't. These would appear to have them.

So what's the story/stories with Mr. Blandot? Looks like blogspam to me.


Dione said...

Dear Mrs. Stroud,
As I can read in your Blogger Profile, you are figuring out what to be when you grow up: I humbly suggest you to become a writer, and I'll surely be delighted to read all your books, just as I've been while reading your posts.

Thanks for your kind attention.

(Mr.) Dione Maretta (from Rio, Brazil.)

Nathan Herrington said...

Hi there,
I'm so excited to have come across your blog. Not only do you write very well, but you're living an extremely intriguing life. As a liberal (ugh...I wish there were another word for that) American, I'm, at first, puzzled by a Canadian's decision to move to Egypt. However, I'm sure that is just a ploy of my own perception.
I'm a 23 y.o. ESL teacher, studying Arabic, really drawn to the Middle East. I'll certainly continue to read, but would really like to ask you questions (in the appropriate venue).

gonedoneoverfinished said...

Monsieur Blandot was simply a prominent character in the story, The Music of Erich Zann written in 1921. Aside from that I must conclude that this story 'speaks' to many people on some level or another and is apparently wildly popular among certain genres. And since the full short story is posted all over the web I must also assume that these same people like to keep a copy of it in their blogs or somewhere on their websties. It seems to be most popular within the metal, punk and gothic groups. Other than that it also acts as some sort of placeholder for others to conduct otherwise unrelated business using excerpts of the story to 'sell' something. I know that building a website that is used for conducting business costs money, whereas many personal websites are free, therefore if you build a site under the guise that you are not using it to conduct business but to post something seemingly innocuous...they have found a loop hole. No one really has the time to read each and every website to make sure they aren't conducting business of any kind and probably are just using search services or something. Its is some sort of get rich scheme, that would be my guess, they most likely get paid to direct traffic and have found a way of avoiding the costs associated with that. Why they are using that particular story I have no idea. Perhaps there is some deeper meaning within the story itself, giving into the insanity? Any other guesses anyone?

Bjetsey said...

sometimes people post a combination of link words and links to get google to connect those in the search.
for example. you'd put in (replacing ( with <, etc):

(a href="")miserable failure(/a)

and if enough people did it, when you typed "miserable failure" into google's search, it would pop out with the whitehouse bio of bush. which is does.
as when you type in "waffles" you alllmost get John Kerry.
it's one of those games that people play.

btw - I enjoy your blog. thanks. :)

Distillerium said...

Hi...I tried posting earlier on the website, but my connection cut out in mid messge lol

I've only read a few of your posts-a recent one and a few early ones; they are all fascinating.
I shall continue reading the others.
I lived in Canada a longgg time ago as a child-it was cool!

Tim Peters said...

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Fliss said...

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