Thursday, February 24, 2005

Happy Trails to You

I realise that not everyone is a horse freak. I am. Always have been. I can't remember a time when I wasn't reading about horses, dreaming about horses, or as a child playing games with horses. I got my first horse at the age of forty while we were living in Alexandria. It was both a dream come true and a nightmare. It had been twenty years since I'd ridden regularly and I had to completely re-learn the skill. I hid endless bruised spots and wrenched joints from my concerned husband in the process. But I persisted and within two years was the happy owner of a second Arab mare. Later I bred both mares and now I have their sons. An accidental breeding of the first mare with the son of the second one gave me a third colt. These horses formed the core of my little herd.

While the horses, my riding and my plans for my horses are an important part of my life in Abu Sir, they aren't all of it. Rather than writing as much as I'd like about the horses and riding in this blog, I decided that the riding deserved a blog of it's own and I've started one at First I'll be introducing the members of my herd and talking about riding in Egypt, but soon I hope to have some good traveling stories as we plan to do a multiday ride from Abu Sir to Fayoum and back sometime in March. Any of you who are not nuts about horses can give it a miss, but any of the rest are more than welcome to join me.

Ahlan wa sahlan

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Johanna, Costa del Sol said...

Dear Maryanne, I am not nuts about horses, but since I enjoy reading whatever you write, I shall give your new blog a go.
Just did and found that most of it I had already read, a while ago.
Am interested in your Fayoum trip.
Where are you going to stay overnight or are you and the horses 'camping' somewhere?
Went to Fayoum 19 days ago, just for the day, probably in the coldest week of the year.
It has a special atmosphere.
As we drove back to Cairo in the early evening, I looked over my shoulder, and saw this beautiful sight: Deep green fields ,a reddish sky and many many palms and water glistening.
It had been a very special day.
Please let us know how your getting on with the purchase of the Feddans and when are you starting to build , tell us mumkin about the procedure of buying and building etc.