Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Political Post Before The Chickens Come Back

An old friend of mine sent me the link to this blog post, which I think is one of the best relatively casual explanations of why Lebanon/Syria/Israel is such a convoluted subject. One of the best non-casual explanations of the subject is a book called A Peace To End All Peace by David Fromkin. Fromkin examined previously secret documents that threw light on the Treaty of Versailles and the Sykes/Picot agreement at the end of WWI which created the states of Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan, most of which had not actually existed in the present form up until that time. For ice tea and a cookie reading, I really recommend this blog entry. The book will need much more substantial fare but it is also fascinating reading.

Now back to our regularly scheduled drivel for a summer during which we haven't had a day under 35 C/ roughly 99 F for the past month or so. Sizzle......

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