Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anyone Hear The Tick Tock?

Ok, I can't verify the headline but the news stories caused great hilarity and rejoicing around here. Apparently a 16 ft crocodile attacked the boats of some fishermen such as these, then killed and ate a dog, and moved off in the Nile. Crocodiles haven't been seen around Cairo in a long time, certainly not since the High Dam. There are plenty in Lake Nasser above the dam, but this is the first I've heard below the dam. There are pet stores that sell baby crocodiles and possibly this is one that someone decided to let loose....like the stories about the sewers of New York...except that the Nile is the natural habitat and without people hunting for it, a croc would be quite comfy. You think that anyone is going to celebrate the return of an endangered species?

copyright 2007 Maryanne Stroud Gabbani


Omar said...

For a change, yours is a refreshing blog about Egypt. I too, love Egypt and it's nice to read such interesting posts about it here.

Interesting post. Crocodiles are dangerous; in fact - one of the most dangerous animals out there. One has to be very careful of them.

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Cairogal said...

I suspect that stories ala the Maadi Serial Killer will start to circulate-tall tales about this croc! He must have been a pet released into the wild. 16 feet? That's a big one.

Hadeel said...

hi :) great blog. i live in egypt too; a canadian journalist. been here for a year.