Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nice To Feel Appreciated

A couple of days ago I received a note from Vicky Zhou asking if it was all right to include Living In Egypt in her book about useful weblogs. Sounded okay to me, so I wrote right back giving my permission. Always nice to be published, even if it is a bit indirect. Here's some information on the book:

Living in Egypt Included in Book About Top 500 Blogs

In the early days of the internet, if you didn't know how to write
code, you couldn't publish anything on the web. Well, nowadays with
software such as Wordpress, Blogspot, and Myspace, anyone.. yes anyone
can tell the whole world what is on their mind through blogging.

But, there really isn't a robust way to search for the best blogs on
any specific topic. Sure, there's Technorati, but what else? Besides,
much of the world wide web is full of splogs, spam, and
made-for-adsense blogs. And how many times have you read the same
exact post over and over in different blogs?

That is why a project, listing the top blogs by general categories
would prove useful. The book, titled "The Top 500 Blogs" is being
written by Vicky Zhou, an author and writer who offers href="">online
dating advice. From topics ranging from online dating to
technology, lifestyle, sports, music, health and love, the books aims
to be a comprehensive list of the top 500 blogs.

The Top 500 Blogs will be available in Amazon and all bookstores by
the end of 2008. Living in Egypt will be included in the category of
"Personal Blogs", so look out for that!

copyright 2007 Maryanne Stroud Gabbani


Natalie said...


I am Natalie. I am a girl from Sydney, Australia. I'm in year 5 by the way. Can I just ask you, was/is Egypt fun?

Please reply.


angela said...

It was amazing. If you stay in a big hotel, you'll never have the chance to see the "other" side of life... you'll see the tourist spots, which are great...but I wanted something different from that, and it's what I got..pick up a couple recently published guide books, they are pretty accurate and you'll get a better feel for what to expect.

Mia said...

Well deserved.

Don Cox said...

Glad to hear you are in the book. This is always one of the best blogs to read._______I disagree with "In the early days of the internet, if you didn't know how to write
code, you couldn't publish anything on the web. ". It implies that simple HTML is hard to learn. Anyone who can string a couple of sentences together can learn enough HTML to put up a text-and-pictures web site in an hour or two. The WWW was designed to be easy to use for busy professionals. It only gets complicated if you want a shopping section.

UmmAli said...

That is so cool your blog will be in a book. Congrats.