Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meeting a Moose

A visiting friend of mine brought a moose to me from Canada and left him here. I decided to try something that possibly other people are doing or maybe it's new. I'm starting a new blog designed for a readership of kids, called Da Moose Is Loose, and it will be about Da Moose's travels in Egypt and other places. I worked with friends on a local children's magazine for a number of years and I really like writing for kids. Theoretically, I could try doing kids' books or something, but I'm kind of comfortable with the blogs and this is a fun way of trying out different formats.

If you happen to have kids, I'd love some feedback on the blog. It can be found at

Thanks a lot.

copyright 2008 Maryanne Stroud Gabbani


Tor Hershman said...

You have a most interesting blog and your comment about the mass media is ooooooh so true.

Stay on groovin' safari,

janene said...

I have kids and am visiting soon to cairo, actually to stay for three months. My children are fairly young (the oldest is 6.5 years), but I will share with them the blog and read to them about Da Moose --

I liked the Da Moose blog -- since you asked for feedback, I would offer the following:


- easy, going, natural style of writing
- lots of pictures
- catchy name "Da Moose Is Loose"
- like "his" humour; he seems perperplexed sometimes (which is often what kids experience when learning new stuff);
- very useful informtion for adults too

Needs A Bit of Fine-Tuning (in my humble opinion)

- bigger font is needed - the print is too small and hard to read
- the section (at the top of the webpage in the header area) with white words on very bright turquoise background -- too difficult to read (I'd rather not even try!) -- too hard on the eyes.

- you give a brief background info on Da Moose (brought over by Paddi) but neglect to mention yourself (Maryanne) which I think is very important to mention in the header area...

- there are some blog templates that kids may find attractive when using the blog -- special pages -- or catagories to make it easier for kids to navigate through your blog and to make it more than a narrative (e.g. Da Moose Top 5 Places to Visit, e.g Da Moose Favorite Meals, e.g. Questions and Answers with Da Moose)

- In your profile, you have your email -- but I can't access it as I do not have Microsoft Outlook -- if you could write out your email that would useful for those who wish to privately email you or discuss things that really wouldn't belong in a comment

Just my two cents.!

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Thanks very much for the time and effort you gave to the comments and suggestions. Please check Da Moose. I've been playing with it with your comments in mind.

janene said...

Really enjoyed the new and improved website, I have showed it to one of my children, and will show it again to my other, older son tommorow.

As my children attend public school, if it comes to my attention that their class will given opportunity to study regions/cultures around the world, I will certainly mention to the teacher the Da Moose website ;)