Sunday, April 17, 2005

Florence Nightingale Canid-style

Morgana.JPG, originally uploaded by Miloflamingo.
A week ago a friend of mine asked me to check out a litter of Great Dane pups to evaluate them for another friend who was looking at buying one. I went to an engineer's apartment in Heliopolis where I met an utterly lovely and charming black Dane female who was the mother of the litter. The pups were staying in an apartment nearby and when I saw Morgana I knew that it was a lost cause. I grew up with Great Danes and they are probably my favourite dogs.

I brought her home to the lunatic asylum and the poor thing was utterly flabbergasted. After living indoors all her life, she could run around in a garden, there were flowers, tortoises and other dogs to investigate. The world was amazing! But unfortunately it also included a virus that attacked her intestines and the first sign that I had to tell me I had a problem was a loss of appetite. That worried me, but when she began vomiting and got diarrhea I was really worried, despite the fact that the first thing she got when she arrived was a puppy shot against distemper, parvo and so on.

So now I have a baby Great Dane on an IV drip who has to be monitored constantly. She sleeps next to me at night and on an armchair during the day. The vets tell me that it could be okay in anywhere from 2 to 14 days. We try to feed her a bit of honey-sweetened soup every hour to help keep her strength up. It's heartbreaking work and all we can do is hope. Send healing energy for Morgana everyone.

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kenju said...

What a beautiful dog. I will think wonderful thoughts for her and wish her health and many days of running in the yard.