Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blogging is Getting Noticed Here?

I don't quite know how to react to this story. On one hand, I think that the flow of information is always a good thing. On the other, given the projections in the article that the government here might become unfriendly to bloggers, I can only hope that the soothsayers are wrong. In the meantime, I don't blog in Arabic and most of what I write can hardly be called political. Lets all hope for the best.


Alaa said...

I really doubt anyone will get into trouble for blogging in Egypt.

only a couple of websites are blocked and the effort is not even serious.

we only know of a couple of cases where people got prosecuted for what they published on the web and it was all about obscenity and not politics

the one case where they blocked a website and threatened the author we took to court, before the first hearing they unblocked the website and stopped the harrasment.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

well i belive, there might be some sort of your fears appearing on the surface, but not in the noticed way. i mean: hiddenly and creepy.

they can't stop ppl now, for alot of reasons.. but may be after sometime they would.. but not directly..
do you get my point?

Alaa said...

yeah but I don't agree

blogs are not that important in egypt (yet?), forums, mailing lists and other more traditional websites have much more traffic and are as bold as anything you find on blogs, and they've been around for years, if they where not attacked back then why would they be attacked now, and if these places with orders of magnitude more readership than blogs don't get attacked why would blogs get attacked?

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

well, i guess your right..
but dont you think that the internet or the computers in general just had a sudden attention only recently?!
there wasn't such understanding of technology as now adays..
you can even notice that on the blogs itself, the drift of the numberous blogs is a bit unusual, as i can say. and so i only presume, attention of their eyes and their reaction would be changed if not now, then in the near future..

yet, at the end, kolo 5eer ya3ni if they left us fi 7alana..

R said...

That's great.

We write to be noticed!!