Wednesday, March 26, 2003

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Talking to a friend today, an Egyptian woman. She was watching the news on Iraq and wanted to call me because it reminded her of the Christmas that she and I spent with my children in Germany watching the Berlin Wall being dismantled. She was watching some news footage of some of the captured American soldiers and wanted to know what the US citizens could be thinking of to pay so incredibly much for a war at a time when living is so hard for us all and to send children away to fight it. How can oil be worth sending your children halfway around the world maybe to die?
What can I say? It makes no sense to me. No matter how much many Iraqi's hate Saddam...and I've never heard anyone, anywhere ever say a good word about him...they are not going to be happy about having strangers from the other side of the planet taking over their country. There's an old Arab saying: "Me against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; my brothers and our cousins against the stranger" This is going to be an ugly war. And where are all these "weapons of mass destruction" that we've heard so much about? Not that I really want to see them, but were they ever there?

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