Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Mobinil, one of the mobile phone companies, is offering news updates (for free now but of course later you pay) via sms, the phone messaging service. I turn my phone to silent at night when I sleep and wake to find a zillion messages mostly about the progress of the war in Iraq. Not the most welcoming start to the day, but it still beats the television coverage. I think too many are watching "The War" just as they might be watching the Disovery Channel or Survivor, without the realisation that this isn't entertainment, but reality. The presentation, especially by CNN isn't helping this any either. Other than having to check the BBC Arabic Service in the morning to see where the daily demonstration will be so that we re-route any any errands to avoid these errands, the war in Iraq isn't really impinging on my life.

It's not the same for everyone, though. My children graduated from Cairo American College a few years ago and some of their friends are still there. Kids stop by to visit me, knowing that I'm usually home evenings and my own kids are in New York. The American embassy has, by all assessments of other nationalities, gone right off the deep end here.

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