Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I work with the Canadian embassy to track a group of residents in my area and no one has been told to stay indoors unless they feel it is a good idea. Canadian warnings to residents run along the lines of "You don't want to travel to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia right now. Other than that, don't do anything stupid." The US embassy warnings are positively inflammatory. The school has the students locked in all day, where usually high school students are allowed off campus for lunch. Students find this silly because in the first place, an easy 65% of the students aren't American and in the second place, at 3 pm they all leave campus and most of them don't go straight home, but out for a coffee or something. Why frighten people for nothing? I really don't understand. Now most of the more seasoned ex-pats check with the Swiss or Canadian embassies for more realistic assessments of the situation.

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